A 3000 km journey against cyanide based mining and fracking

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September 9th, 2014 – On the 30th of August 2014, Alexandru Popescu started a 3000km journey on foot, in order to give Europe a message on behalf of tens of thousands of Romanians who are saying ”NO to cyanide mining and NO to fracking.” His journey started in Ploiesti, close to his home, and will end in Brussels on the 1st of December 2014.

On Thursday the 11th of September 2014 he will reach Cluj where the supporters of both causes mentioned above are invited to greet and to join him on the journey scheduled for this day. Alexandru will be in Cluj-Napoca around12:30pm and the meeting point is at Zorilor roundabout.

The route will be as follows: the roundabout in Zorilor, Republicii Street, Lucian Blaga Square (The Students’ Cultural Centre), Motilor Street, Calea Floresti Street up to the bridge at the exit of the city, after which the European highway E60 via the city of Oradea and finishing at Capusu Mare at the end of the day.

Until now, the route has comprised of Ploiesti-Fagaras-Mosna-Ocna Mures-Turda. Alexandru was welcomed along the way by many enthusiastic supporters of the anti-cyanide mining and anti-fracking movement.

Alexandru will walk for 30 to 40 km daily, and afer Cluj he will head towards Oradea wherefrom the walk will continue through Budapest, Viena, Berlin, Paris and Brussels. When reaching Brussels, his goal is to ultimately deliver a message to the European Parliament and inform EU citizens that ”Romanians oppose cyanide/are against cyanide mining and fracking!”

”I heard so many times around me that members of small communities who live a simple life cannot do anything to stop the environmental destruction caused by the work of corporations, as well as by the ignorance and complicity of local authorities. And I had enough! I am trying to fight with the weapons of an ordinary man who has by his side other ordinary men. If you believe that our message against cyanide mining and fracking deserves to reach the ears of Brussels, then come and join me!”

For additional information: Alexandru Popescu, mobile +40 721330772 (French and Romanian)

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