Cyanide free Romania! The protests continue until the use of cyanide in mining operations is forbidden!

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10th of September 2013 – Alburnus Maior Association declares its solidarity with all the communities in the country fighting against destructive cyanide-based mining projects. The Association and all its supporters demand not only the rejection of the law project which would destroy Rosia Montana, the rejection of the environmental permit and the inclusion of the locality on the tentative UNESCO list, but also the ban of the use of cyanide in mining. The social networks announce the continuation of the protests and the common support of the list of demands. In Romania, in various localities like Bucium, Baia Mare, Certej, Băița Crăciuneşti, Rovine, there are other 68 gold ore deposits which different companies intend to exploit.

The Romanian Senate agreed yesterday to follow the procedure of an emergency bill in the case of the law project number B560 “Law concerning some measures associated with the exploitation of the gold-silver ore from Rosia Montana perimeter and the stimulation and facilitation of the development of mining activities in Romania”. The supporters of the campaign are invited to contact the MPS representing them and ask them to vote against this law project which would lead to the destruction of Rosia Montana.

Rosia Montana still hosts the restoration process of the historical buildings included in the programme “Adopt a house” and the activities of ARA Summer School. Unfortunately, company employees aggress and threaten the volunteers. “We are on the scaffoldings, working for the restoration of the old patrimony houses in Rosia Montana. Our work is continuously accompanied by the unstoppable flux of the miners’ swearing and threats. All day long they stay in the Old Market or in front of the company blocks and in some cases colleagues of ours were shoved and verbally aggressed. The miners are calm only when some TV crew shows up. Then, they adopt an impressionable discourse, constantly declaring: ‘we have no means of living, we want a job’. We wish to be left alone so that we can close our work in the programme “Adopt a house” before the volunteer students leave for their new university year”, declared Virgil Apostol, one of the ARA members.

The protests in Bucharest continue, with more than 1000 people blocking Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta and demanding the ban of cyanide mining. The most impressive moment of the evening was the classical music concert offered by some Conservatory students. This event reminded the participants of the cultural dimension of Save Rosia Montana Campaign, a campaign which has been asking for years the Ministry of Culture the inclusion of Rosia Montana on the tentative UNESCO list for Romania.

The protests in the street will continue until:

– the Parliament, through the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, will vote the rejection of the law project;

– the Government will reject the environmental permit following the procedure for an emergency bill through Government decision;

– Rosia Montana is included on the tentative UNESCO list for Romania;

– cyanide is forbidden by law in the mining exploitations in Romania;

– the four initiators of the law project: the Minister Delegate for infrastructure projects of national interest and foreign investments (Dan Şova), the Minister of Environment and Climate Change (Rovana Plumb), the Minister of Culture and Cults (Daniel Barbu) and the ANRM manager (Gheorghe Duţu) are removed from office.

The Facebook page Rosia Montana in UNESCO World Heritage, together with other multiple social media, announces a new general mobilisation for the 15th of September. All those who agree with the ban of cyanide use in mining are welcome to the street demonstrations in different towns in Romania and abroad.

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