REPORT: Certej – Authorities incapacity to critically analise new mining projects

13/09/2013 3572 views

The Mining Watch Romania report includes a detailed review of mining operations developed in the area of Certeju de Sus commune in Hunedoara county. It describes the path with plenty of irregularities of the license transfer from the state company to the private investor. The latter gained afterwards huge amounts upon selling the project and hence the deposit to another mining operator with ongoing projects in Greece, Turkey, Brazil and China. The report also includes an account of the very serious mining accident of 1971, kept secret by the communist authorities, which made at least 89 victims. The accident at Certej was considered the most dreadful peacetime disaster in Romania, but this is not the only harm produced by mining in this area. The severe poverty and unemployment upon the sudden closure of the state mine are characteristic for this commune.

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