[Ongoing Action] Victor Ponta – the cyanide candidate

12/09/2014 3709 views

The video action.

12th of September 2014, Alba Iulia“Victor Ponta, the cyanide candidate” is written on a banner displayed by anti-mining activists in Alba-Iulia, as a “welcoming” message for the Romanian prime-minister, present in Alba-Iulia for the National Congress of Social Democrat Party. During the Congress, Victor Ponta is supposed to be validated as the official candidate of the Social Democrat Party for presidency.

The activists’ message comes after a long history of Victor Ponta supporting the cyanide based mining industry. In August 2013, the Ponta Government voted the draft law “Afferent measures for the exploitation of the Rosia Montana gold/silver perimeter and for the stimulation and facilitation of mining activities in Romania” and submitted it for final voting to the Romanian Parliament. Tens of thousands of Romanians got out into the streets against the politicians wanting to destroy Rosia Montana through a special law. After months of protests, the draft law was finally rejected by both Chambers of the Romanian Parliament. Victor Ponta is well known for many other lobbying activities for the mining industry. During a visit in Finland in September 2014, he declared that cyanide issue is only a semantic one.

“We consider that the validation of Victor Ponta as a candidate for presidency in our town is a defiance of all the communities who want a sustainable future. We are sick and tired of politicians representing only the companies wanting Transylvania under cyanide.” declared one of the activists.

13 mining projects using cyanide based technology are planned to be implemented in Romania, 7 of which are proposed by the suspect joint venture of Minvest and Gabriel Resources: Roşia Montană, Bucium, Certej, Deva-Muncel, Băiţa Crăciuneşti, Brad and Bolcana. 6 projects are new ones and all of them, if implemented, will leave the communities with pollution, professional diseases and no option for a future based on tourism and agriculture.

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