The UFO permit for the construction works in the Certej mine: authorities swear it exists; yet nobody saw it

29/10/2014 3589 views

October 29th 2014 – Representatives of Mining Watch Romania had a meeting with Petru Cîmpian, the mayor of Certeju de Sus, on October 27th. They have requested access to the permit authorizing construction works hired by Deva Gold in the Coranda open pit. The visit was scheduled following the invitation that the mayor launched via the media. The purpose was to verify the permit’s existence and to see if it respects the requirements of relevant laws.

The Certej deposit is part of the Canadian low-cost gold producer Eldorado Gold (TXS:ELD) assets in Romania. Deva Gold S.A. is a joint venture between Eldorado Gold (80%) and state-owned Minvest Deva (~20%).

The construction works continue in the Coranda open pit:

On October 16th, Mining Watch Romania issued a press release on the illegal start of construction works by Deva Gold. The press statement warned about the irregularities identified based on information received from the Certeju de Sus City Hall. It also stated the lack of the information panels mandatory to be placed on site. In response, mayor Petru Cîmpian commented that the works are legally conducted and that the City Hall issued a permit on September 2014.

During the discussions, Mr. Cîmpian indicated three files that he insisted on being the authorization documents, but declined the possibility to have them studied or even touched. Documents authorizing the construction works are public documents, the mayor having no legal basis for not allowing citizens to study them.

Mining Watch Romania strongly suspects that the mayor’s refusal to make public the permit is because it actually hides serious irregularities and illegalities. An actual examination by the competent court would most likely have as consequence the annulment of the permit and would probably reveal abuses of the local authorities. Mining Watch Romania also looks forward for the results of the complained filed to the State Inspectorate for Construction Works. The Inspectorate was notified on the 15th of October 2014.

Mining Watch Romania opened today a court case in order to ensure the publication of the complete dossier of the above mentioned permit. In this respect, the network members asked the competent court to enforce the compliance of the Certeju de Sus City Hall with the law on free access to information of public importance.

“The mayor adopted an awfully negative attitude. He denied any access to information to both journalists and Mining Watch members. He verbally reassured us that everything is in order. The mayor’s lack of transparency further fuels and confirms our suspicions of severe irregularities and abuse. Certeju de Sus is not part of a democratic system, as the mayor acts as the commune is a state within a state” declared Roxana Pencea, member of the Mining Watch Romania network.

For more information please contact Roxana Pencea, email, mobile +40 723024300.

Photos taken on October 27 th.