Name of mining area: Bolcana
Location: Barbura village, Băiţa commune, Hunedoara
License issuance date: concession license for exploitation n0. 814/1999
Project holder 2013: Deva Gold SA
Shareholders: Eldorado Gold (80%) (by its subsidiary Deva Gold Barbados Ltd.) and Minvest Deva (<20%)
Data on the deposit:  polymetallic ores
Project permitting stage:

Bolcana – general aspects

Barbura village within Băiţa commune in Hunedoara is also known as Bolcana and Troiţa, these being the names of the three gold mines present in the area. Underground mining was stopped in 1997, with gold mining at Bolcana continuing until 2006 in an open pit (link). There is currently no public information on the mineralisation of Bolcana deposit.(link).

România, mined field.
Mining is an industry with an extremely high stake for public policies and financial markets, but particularly for the directly affected communities and ecosystems. While the industry highlights its capacity to generate wealth and the use of modern technologies, the responsibility for the risks, costs and liabilities generated has never been fully assumed. The industry’s domination in the area of public policies prevented a change of the status-quo, and the local communities’ voice remains marginal in the public discourse. The shift of mining companies’ interest from large investment projects to smaller but more numerous projects has a major impact upon local communities, with public attention being thus dissipated in many directions and the permitting procedures being simplified.